Friday, April 2, 2010

April's Foolery

I didn't take a single photo yesterday but we had a lot of fun. Jared and Mia had been plotting pranks all week. On Wednesday Jared asked Seth and I to help him out with fooling Mia. He was pretty detailed in what he wanted, get her up and take her to the bus stop. Wait for two minutes than tell her, "April Fools".

We knew she wasn't going to fall for that, so Seth called the house just before we would need to go to the bus stop and said that he was from Fox Hills Elementary and that this week was no longer spring break. I started rushing both kids, "eat your breakfast, quick. You are just going to have to go in your pajamas. No, you can't wear those shoes, there is snow outside. Please put your boots on." I ran downstairs to tell Seth that I needed him to take the kids to the bus stop. We had also called the mom of the girl we carpool with so we could pick her up on the way. Once they got to the bus stop and waited a few minutes, Seth called me and put me on speaker phone and I told the kids, "April Fools". None of the kids admitted to being fooled, but I think Mia was, at least for a minute or two.

I had also told the kids that we were going to play with out friends. Jared said, "Can you call them and tell them that we are sick (which he actually was until Wednesday night)? So I called my friend and told her, "My kids want you to tell your kids that we are sick for an April Fools joke." She did although she was expecting us, her boys weren't. She even did better in telling them that she guessed they were just going to have to do chores and stuff around the house instead of play. My kids were so excited about it. Jared loved that Gabe asked him, "Why did you play an April Fools trick on us?" It was cute to hear Caleb say, "Mom. I am too sick to play any games today. April Fools!"

We have some friends that we invited to an Easter Egg hunt and dinner at our house. When I told Seth that we were going to feed them, Seth asked what I was going to do to trick them. I thought about it and could only come up with making pancakes and putting them in a pizza box. We had breakfast for dinner and then put them in some empty pizza boxes, which I got from Pizza Hut for $.25 each.

I had been tending their kids all afternoon so when Seth got home, he kept all 9 of the kids downstairs while I made dinner. After the prayer when Lewis opened the pizza box in front of him and saw a pile of pancakes I could see that he was really upset. He was so angry and he kept saying, "I want to have pizza! All I want for dinner is pizza." He was angry until I opened The box that had sausage in it. He was ready to play after that.

It was nice to be able to visit with them and just have a good time with them. They have had some unexpected changes in their lives lately and it was nice to see them relaxing and enjoying themselves.

I went to bed thinking about what a fun day it was. I love that Jared was so involved and thinking up pranks that were fun and not vicious. I think that I had better watch it from now on...who knows when his pranks will be directed at me.


mommaquincy said...

You guys are so fun! Jack's girlfriend had some fun with us, too. Although I didn't really fall for it, I just knew that Jack would tell us if he was engaged!

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