Sunday, February 14, 2010

Two Front Teeth

I think little (big) girls are super cute missing their two front teeth. Mia's front teeth were loose for a long time. Finally I asked Mia if she was ever going to pull them out. I told her that when I was younger and I had loose teeth, I couldn't leave them alone. I would always be wiggling them until finally they came out. I guess I should be happy that she hasn't been putting her fingers in her mouth... As a result Mia started wiggling her teeth and before she knew it, it came right out.

Since I love little (big) kids without their two front teeth, I encouraged her to pull her other tooth. She pulled it just in the nick of time - the top tooth is starting to come in. I really wanted to get this picture.

A little note about this picture: I put curlers in Mia's hair on Saturday night. When I woke up on Sunday she had taken all of the curlers our, put the headband in and put on Sunday clothes. She is becoming so responsible.