Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hogle Zoo

During the winter, the last Wednesday of the month is free day at the zoo. We decided to go with out little play group. It was really a perfect day for us to go. Because it was colder outside, there weren't many people there. The wind wasn't blowing so the cold was easy to deal with. We got to see some baby animals which are always cuter than the adults.

I had just taught the kids about "Daniel and the Lion's Den" at church. Gordon and Ellis were very nervous that if they saw a lion it would try to eat them. They were curious as to what a lion's den would look like and were eager to see the lion. Hogle Zoo doesn't have any lions. They have a mountain lion, which we didn't see, and they have some tigers. There are two baby tigers at the zoo. I told them that the animals would be in cages, so if there were lions, they wouldn't try to eat us.

Ellis said, "Besides, we could just pray for an Angel to close their mouths." I was surprised he had really listened at all during primary.

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mommaquincy said...

Best Sunbeam teacher ever!