Monday, January 4, 2010


Here is a quick update on Ellis. Ellis is short and I mean really short. When he turned 3 he was shorter than Jared, Mia and Gordon were when they turned 2 years old. Our Pediatrician has said at each appointment that, yes he is short but, since he follows his own growth curve, there is no need for concern.

When I took him for his 3 year checkup, Dr. Jackson again said that he wasn't too concerned but let's weigh him again in 6 months because there might be something wrong with his thyroid. Today I got the call to bring him to have him weighed and measured. I will be taking him in tomorrow and there will be nothing conclusive until a later date.

In our home we don't realize just how short Ellis is. He can do anything the big kids can. He is confident and happy. It is when we get him with other kids his age and younger that I realize just how little he is.

I really am not worried, I am just "covering my bases".

Because Ellis is just so cute, here is a picture of him.


Melissa said...

We are in the same boat with Madison. She hasn't been on the growth charts since her 18 month appointment. We always forget how little she is because our whole family is somewhat little. Then she goes to school and the a whole head and a half shorter than everyone else. But she sure has the confidence to make up for it. The drs tell us she's ok because...well, look at us! Hehehe!

Linda said...

Is Logan below the growth charts too? Ellis hasn't been on since his 4 month checkup.

mommaquincy said...

Jenny was the same way. She finally started growing when she started competitive gymnastics. She learned to eat! She wore a size 6x when she was 11. But grew 3 sizes that year.

Linda said...

Wow, Chris that is amazing!