Friday, January 22, 2010


A while ago I bought a bunch of bowls from Ikea. These bowls are one serving, unbreakable, microwavable and dishwasher safe. I love these bowls.

The thing I like most about these bowls is putting them away. They go in a counter that is higher than Jared can reach. When he empties the dishwasher, he stacks the bowls, colors together, in the order of the rainbow. It is especially fun to go in and see after we have had soup and cereal on the same day. It brings a little bit of summer into our house on these cold winter days.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Because Who Doesn't want Pink Eyebrows?

Mia got some make-up for Christmas from Seth's sister, Gwen. To say Mia loves it is a gross understatement. She has been good about checking with me to make sure she can use it before putting it on. I was doing her make-up the other day and she asked me if the lip liner was for your eyebrows. I told her that it was really for lips but I would put it on her eyebrows if she wanted. She really wanted pink eyebrows and was a bit sad when I told her that I wouldn't color mine pink too.

It Must be Love

We got a new washer and dryer today. This sums it all up. I didn't sit in front of the dryer watching the clothes tumble but I did leave the laundry room door open so I could look at it any time I wanted to...

The look on Gordon's face in the reflection pretty much says how I felt all day.

Grandma Campbell

After going to the doctor today (they told me that if Dr. Jackson needs to run any tests he will call me), the boys and I went on a road trip to Kaysville. That is where this beautiful lady, whom I call Grandma, lives.

We had such a nice visit. It has been way too long since I last visited her and she is so close to me now. This year I am going to try to visit her more often. I would love for my children to know her and love her the way I do.

Gordon's Creation

This is what Gordon did during quiet time the other day. I don't know why this brings me so much joy but it does.

When I told him that I liked it, he told me that he had to put the purple bears with the white shapes because there were no white bears or purple shapes. I sure love that kid!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Here is a quick update on Ellis. Ellis is short and I mean really short. When he turned 3 he was shorter than Jared, Mia and Gordon were when they turned 2 years old. Our Pediatrician has said at each appointment that, yes he is short but, since he follows his own growth curve, there is no need for concern.

When I took him for his 3 year checkup, Dr. Jackson again said that he wasn't too concerned but let's weigh him again in 6 months because there might be something wrong with his thyroid. Today I got the call to bring him to have him weighed and measured. I will be taking him in tomorrow and there will be nothing conclusive until a later date.

In our home we don't realize just how short Ellis is. He can do anything the big kids can. He is confident and happy. It is when we get him with other kids his age and younger that I realize just how little he is.

I really am not worried, I am just "covering my bases".

Because Ellis is just so cute, here is a picture of him.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Temple Square

On December 21 we went with some friends of our to Temple Square. This is something that I intend to do every year but in reality it only happens about every other year. I am just amazed at how many lights are used and how carefully they wrap the trees. Not only do they wrap the main branches, but they wrap the little branches too.

These are the kids we had with us - 2 girls and 6 boys. I especially love going to look at Christmas lights with children because they are so enchanted by the magic of it all.

After we looked at the lights we intended to go to Winder Dairy and get some of their scones and hot chocolate but they were SO crowded! We decided to go to our house for hot chocolate and scones instead.