Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reflections and Science Fair

The other day I was talking to one of the moms in charge of the Reflections judging. She said that she was with the judge who was judging the visual arts and she LOVED Jared's entry. In fact, she loved it so much that the judge kept saying, "I want to buy this picture."

Becky (the mom) said, "I know the mom of the boy who drew that picture."

The Judge said, "Tell her that I want to buy this picture for $5.00 and I will hang it up every Halloween for decoration."

When I told Jared this, I also told him that I was told he didn't win. Jared said, "I still didn't win?" I said to him, "I only told you that story because I thought you would see how nice it was that she liked it so much. I thought it would make you feel good."

In his best monotone voice Jared said, "Oh. I am glad about that."

On Tuesday I got a phone call from the reflections committee. They invited me to an awards assembly held today for the reflections winners. Jared and Mia both won in photography. Mia got an honorable mention in visual arts and 3D arts. Mia also got a trophy for her science fair project.

Both Jared and Mia worked very hard on their projects, as did their Mom and Dad. It was fun to see them both succeeding. It was a bit hard on Jared's ego to have Mia called up so often and he only went up once. After I reminded him to be happy that he won anything, because a lot of entries never do win, he was able to be happy for Mia and the other winners.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Science Fair

Turns out that while I was helping Jared and Mia with their Science Fair Projects, Gordon and Ellis were doing a little science experiment of their own in the bathtub.

I heard Gordon say, "Ellis, can I squirt water in your ear? Maybe it will come out the other side."

He squirted the water, but it didn't come out the other side. Gordon said, "Put your other hand by that (the opposite ear) so you can catch the water."

Gordon: "No water came out."

"When you squirt water in your ear, no water comes out the other ear."


If you are looking for me, you can find me buried beneath the piles of costumes, science fair projects, book reports and reflections entries that seem to have taken over my house/life. Maybe I will be able to reemerge around the first week in November.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Nose Knows

Exactly half of our kids have managed to stuff some small thing up their nose, "Because it fit."

The first was Jared. As with all truly wise choices made around our house, I was unavailable (In this instance I was feeding Gordon.). Jared came running to me very hysterically because he had put a "belly button" up his nose. At that age Jared called all buttons belly buttons. As this had never happened to me before, I may have panicked. I called for some help. I called Laura. She suggested I call my pediatrician. They made an appointment for me to come in to get it extracted. I started getting the kids ready to go and Jared started sneezing. He sneezed until the button came out. I felt a little silly when I called the office back. "Hi. I just called you because my son stuck a button up his nose. He just sneezed it out so we won't be needing to come in to the office." I am positive I heard them giggling.

A couple years later I was feeding Ellis - why is it that everything happens when you are feeding the baby? Gordon came running in with Jared behind him because he had stuck a peanut up his nose. I just plugged his nostril and told him to blow. He blew the peanut right out.

Today with no baby to feed, I decided to take a shower. I had just gotten dressed when Gordon came running down stairs with drool coming out of his mouth while he was, quite frankly, freaking out. He said, "I have something stuck in my nose!" I asked him how it got there and he said that he put it in. I looked up that cute little nose of his and sure enough there was a small square bead in his nose. I am pretty sure it had the letter "B" on it. I could see it easily. I plugged his nose and asked him to blow. He blew/whistled but the bead wouldn't come out. I then decided to have him lay on the floor while I extracted the bead with some tweezers. No good. The tweezers didn't open wide enough. I calmly told him to not poke his fingers in his nose or it would go in further and asked him to put his shoes on so we could go to the doctor.

I was going to put my shoes on and Gordon came to me saying, "Mom! I had to breathe really hard when I was crying and I blew it right out." I asked where the bead was and Gordon told me that he threw it away because it was so gross. (Mia wants everyone to know she told him to throw it away.) I told him. Don't put anything else in your nose, okay? Gordon's reply..."Why?"


Things have been rather crazy, but we are still alive. =)

Some highlights since I last posted include (in no particular order):

School started. Mia's teacher is Mrs. Pettinger. Mia got off the bus the first day and shouted, "Mrs. Pettinger is the nicest teacher in the whole school!"

Gordon started Kindergarten - after he went the first day he was getting ready for school and told me that he was ready to start first grade. Turns out he thought Kindergarten was only for one day.

Jared turned 9 and received Super Mario Galaxy 2. Because he has such mean parents, he went on a treasure hunt and he got some Mario Fruit Snacks and we pretended that we thought that was what he had wanted. He was a good sport and was thrilled to get his game. He has already beaten it.

We had a ward camp out that was a lot of fun but freezing cold!

Ellis turned 4. He is still tiny but our Pediatrician told me that there was absolutely NO reason for me to not enroll him in Kindergarten next year.

Fourth grade has an amazing amount of homework compared to Third. It amazes me that they learn so much at school and then come home and have a ton to learn here. I like Jared's teacher which is a good thing. Luckily for me Jared is really great about getting his homework done and is happy (generally) to get started.

I have been helping at the school this year. I help in Gordon's class, Mia's class and a fourth grade class where I don't have any children. Jared's teacher told me that she wanted her students to become a little more independent so she wouldn't be having any parents in her class unless it is for a party or we can go on a field trip. I was a little disappointed and had to explain to Jared why I wouldn't be helping in his class this year. I think he was disappointed too.

I asked Jared if he was interested in girls and he looked at me and said, "Am I in love? No! I am way too young to love anyone!" I was happy with his answer.

Ellis is pretty bored being home with me. The other day he started giggling and told me that when he goes to school I will have to be home all by myself!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


On Saturday 8/14 Cami will be saying goodbye to all of her hair. She was diagnosed with Leukemia and is only 4 years old. As a fund raiser they have gotten some of Utah's top stylists to donate their time and cut hair. This is a donation only haircut but there will also be a bake sale courtesy of Paradise Bakery.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Mia has been invited to join the competitive gymnastics team where she works out. She really wants to do it but I am not so sure I want her to.

It is a great workout.
Mia loves gymnastics.
Options for scholarships if she sticks with it.
Mia REALLY wants to do it.

Very time consuming - 3 times a week compared to once a week.
It is more money.
We are required to do fund raisers and I HATE fund raisers.

What would you do? She won't be travelling for meets until she is in level 4 but she is jumping from level 1 to level 3. Is 7 too young to be in competitive gymnastics? Will it take the fun out of going to the gym?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We have had a busy couple of months. In May Seth and I went to Puerto Rico. In June we went camping in Moab, went to the Cabin and camped in my parents back yard. We have also had swimming lessons every day. Mia and Ellis are in soccer which takes up Monday through Thursday. Jared is in a basketball club that meets every Monday and Wednesday. We also went fishing and hiking to celebrate the Fourth of July.

We have a couple more camping trips planned. Scouts starts up again this week. And we have Ellis' birthday to celebrate. I have taken tons of pictures. I am hoping to put some online but I am not entirely sure that is going to happen.

I love this summer vacation with the kids but it will be nice when we can slow back down. I think 3 months is not even close to enough time for a summer vacation.

I hope you are having a relaxing summer.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mario and Luigi Birthday Party

I generally just log on to the Internet to get ideas for birthday parties when I am planning one. Unfortunately there were not a lot of ideas for a Mario Party. I am posting this to maybe help someone else who needs to have a Mario Party for their little gamer.

Gordon was so excited to turn 5 and have his first friend birthday party. He began planning in March and his birthday is on May 16. Gordon loves to play Mario Party 8 so it came as no surprise when he wanted a Mario Party Birthday Party.

I didn't save a copy of the invitation, but I just used Photo Shop to create a Mario Party 5 (because he was turning 5 years old) invitation. I got the image off the Internet.

When they boys got to our house, they got to choose between being Mario or Luigi.

We rolled some big dice I got from the party store for a dollar to decide who would go first, just as they do in the Mario Party games.

The first game we played was jump over the fireball. Seth rolled an orange ball and the kids took turns jumping over it.

After jumping over the ball, we had a treasure hunt to find a star. Whenever we do treasure hunts, we send the kids upstairs and then downstairs.

While they were eating the cookies, we reminded that the stars will make them invincible. Which they would need because after eating the stars, they would be fighting some Goombas.

The boys had to jump from these "platforms" without touching the carpet. Jared had drawn Goombas on some balloons that had money inside them. They popped the balloon, picked up the coin and finished the test. At the end of the platforms, there was a star waiting for each boy.

This was easily the favorite activity for each of the boys. We let them pop 3 balloons each and I think we should have given them more. Even today, a week and a half alter, the boys tell me that this was their favorite part of the party when I see them.

After defeating the Goombas, the boys got to pin the mustache on Luigi. I just took an image and photo shopped out the mustache. I also made some quick black mustaches for the boys to stick on.

Seth made a Mystery Block that was a pinata. He taped sheets of yellow paper together. I drew a question mark on it in white. The boys took turns jumping up and punching it with their fists.

This little cutie is the one that was able to punch his way through it. The pinata was filled with gold coins and some candy.

Here is a close-up of the hat. I used this tutorial and used craft foam. I used my sewing machine to stitch the letter and the white circle on. I also stitched on the elastic. I was pleased with how they turned out.

I printed an image from the Internet and glued it on a bag. I couldn't find green bags, so I used only red bags. I made some with Mario and some with Luigi. It would have looked better if I had found some green bags, but no one really cared except for me.
I also made some gold boxes for the boys to store their coins in.

We ate some pizza and then had mushroom cupcakes. We reminded the boys that when Mario eats mushrooms he grows.
I wasn't thrilled with how the cupcakes turned out, but Gordon really liked them and that is what matters. If I made them again, I would use Marshmallow Fondant instead of white frosting. Initially Gordon wanted a Luigi cake and I feel a little guilty for talking him out of it. This was A LOT easier than making a Luigi cake, so I am glad he was happy with them.

Amber and Aaron came and helped with the party and they also took pictures for me. Aaron played the Mario Theme Song on his IPhone for a while during the party and the kids thought that was really fun.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Let's play "Catch-up" for a minute here. On April 27, 2010 our cub scouts had their Pinewood Derby. Jared was so excited about making his car and Seth did an excellent job helping him while letting Jared choose the car design and colors.

When I told Jared that his car looked nice, right after he painted it, he said, "I know. I tried to do my best work on it." He was so proud of his car, that is until he saw some of the other boys' cars. There were some pretty sleek ones, but my favorites were the ones where it was obvious that the boys had done the work and, at the very least, painted it themselves. When Jared saw some of those cars, he said that he was "embarrassed about his car". That broke my heart a little because I knew how hard he had worked on it and how much he loved it.

Enlarge the photo and you will see that it has rocket packs. When Jared was showing me this feature he was giddy with excitement and said, "Those rocket packs are like my secret weapon. It might be a little unfair to the other cars."

While Jared was painting his car he decided to put a 64 on the top of it. When Seth asked him why he put a 64 on the top of it Jared said, "Because it is a race car."

Since this was his first race, he got a little help setting his car on the track.

Here is Jared's car, #64 getting ready to overtake the car in first place. I guess those rocket packs really did work.

He finished somewhere in the middle and didn't care a bit about not winning. He had such a great time. He ended up dropping his car and bending the axle. When I asked him about it the next day (I had taken the little boys home for bed at that point) Jared said, "I dropped it but them I was able to fix it." The car didn't do as well after it was dropped but Jared seemed oblivious to that. He really had a great time.

The other kids were happy to sit on the back row eating popcorn and jello. I am not sure they even knew there were cars being raced.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

As I get older, I realize how much I appreciate my mom. I have always thought she was pretty amazing but as I gain more experience with my own children, I develop an even greater appreciation for her.

In honor of her and mothers every where, I would like to share a talk that Seth gave the last Sunday we lived in our Sandy ward, 5 years ago.


I was really struggling with this talk. Mothers are a difficult subject. And not just because women are generally difficult to understand.

It’s that motherhood is such a noble job that to speak of it casually would really be off the mark. But at the same, I don’t want to boast it so much that people can’t take me seriously.

I knew I didn’t want to tell stories of my own mother, or of my wife, or of other mothers I have known personally. It’s not that the stories don’t exist, nor that all these people aren't wonderful. But these personal stories just won’t have the same meaning for you that they do for me. And I really don’t want to trample on those feelings by trying to publicize them to an audience that can’t fully connect. In other words, I don't want to bore you.

So I was really having a hard time. Fortunately, and fittingly, my mother saved me on this one. I mentioned to her that I would be speaking. Without prompting, she made a suggestion for the content of my talk. She wanted me to tell the mothers that they are OK just the way they are, and not to be so hard on themselves.

We then talked about how on Mother’s Day we will often hear amazing stories of amazing women doing amazing things. We praise the title and immortalize the individuals who have held it.

We do this with good intentions and to honor mothers all around. However, for the normal mother sitting in the audience--the one without a story to equal those just heard--the message is clear: You’re not doing a very good job.

Let me tell you today that you are. You are doing a wonderful job. You are doing a difficult job. And if it means anything, I personally justify your every failure. And I know that through the Atonement, God is also willing to. He loves you as you are. And He is pleased with you for even deciding to give it a try.

You are all so wonderful, without needing to do this or that differently. Kids are HARD to raise. Homes are hard to maintain. Husbands aren't always very helpful. Sometimes they just make it harder. Add to that additional roles in the community, church, and sometimes work. The enormous task that remains can only be described with one word: Mother.

Let me share with you a quick story from President Spencer W. Kimball which illustrates how loved you are, without needing to do anything fancy:

“At a distant conference, my plane brought me to the city many hours early. The stake president met me at the airport and took me to his home. Having important work to do, he excused himself and returned to his work. With the freedom of the house, I spread my papers on the kitchen table and began my work. His wife was upstairs sewing. In mid-afternoon, there came an abrupt entry through the front door and a little fellow came running in, surprised to see me. We became friends; then he ran through the rooms calling, ‘Mother.’ She answered from upstairs, ‘What is it, darling?’ and his answer was, ‘Oh, nothing.’ He went out to play.

“A little later another boy came in the front door calling, ‘Mother, Mother.’ He put his school books on the table and explored the house until the reassuring answer came from upstairs again, ‘Here I am, darling,’ and the second one was satisfied and said, ‘Okay,’ and went to play. Another half hour and the door opened again and a young teenager moved in, dropped her books, and called, ‘Mother.’ And the answer from upstairs, ‘Yes, darling,’ seemed to satisfy and the young girl began practicing her music lesson.

“Still another voice later called, ‘Mother,’ as she unloaded her high school books. And again the sweet answer, ‘I am up here sewing, darling,’ seemed to reassure her. She tripped up the stairs to tell her mother the happenings of the day. Home! Mother! Security! Just to know Mother was home. All was well.” (Spencer W. Kimball, Faith Precedes the Miracle, pp. 117–18.)

Your children love you for all that you do. Your husbands love you too. And God loves you, just as you are.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mario or Luigi?

After dropping some of Jared and Mia's friends off, Mia was putting some paper scraps on her face to look like a mustache.

She said to Jared, "Look Jared, I am Mario."

Jared said, "I think you mean Luigi. Except you aren't tall enough to be Luigi." Then he turned and looked at her and said, "Oh. You have a beard. You aren't Mario or Luigi. You are Jesus!"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Zoo

Seth's sister and her husband are visiting from Canada and they invited us to go to the zoo with them today. I didn't take any pictures, but we really enjoyed ourselves.

I am pretty sure that Gordon and Ellis would go back to Canada with them. Any time they have started a conversation, Amber's or Aaron's names are central to it. Gordon told me, "I really like Amber and Aaron." I said, "Yeah. They are pretty nice, huh?" Gordon said, "And they are REALLY funny!

Gordon's favorite thing was watching the bird show. Ellis' favorite thing was "Having Amber hold me."

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hair Day

This morning Mia, who moves like Molasses in the mornings, surprised us all by getting into the shower before I even asked her to.

I said, "Mia! You are taking a shower without me asking you to?"

Mia said, "Yep and I am even going to try to fix my own hair!"

This is what she had in mind. I helped her just a little. I think it turned out very cute. I am sure it will have fallen out of the braid before she gets home from school because it was so loose.

I edited this photo with the Urban Action from CoffeShop
I love that she knew what she wanted and has been practicing braiding for a couple months now (mostly at church) but part of me was sad because she is getting so independent. I really LOVE fixing her hair in the mornings and I am afraid that it won't be long before she is doing it all on her own.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wheeler Farm

We made a trip to Wheeler Farm today. Mia said she wanted to practice taking pictures and I thought we could make it into an adventure.

I had a lot of fun and I think the kids did too. I love spring and all the newness that comes with it. We got to see the animal babies today. There was a baby calf, some lambs and a cute little goat.

The highlight of any trip to the farm is playing on the tractor. Sometimes when we go no one else is waiting for a turn on the tractor and we can use all 3 at once. It was pretty busy today and we all shared the "Red Tractor".

Jared wanted to drive it backwards. (Jared didn't even want to go to the farm because he said I always take a lot of pictures and make him stand for a long time. I think I need a new subject...)

I really love this picture of Gordon and Ellis. They are best friends and like to do everything together. I couldn't be happier with their relationship - they love each other so much. As we pulled into the parking lot for Wheeler Farm, Gordon said, "Oh yeah! I know this place!"

Gordon wanted to go with Mia and Me to take pictures while Ellis and Jared went with Seth. We gave Mia our old camera a couple years ago and she gave her pink camera to Gordon. Gordon wasn't happy having a pink camera until I wrote his name in green on it. Now he loves his pink camera.

It was so pretty and green. Pretty little purple wildflowers are starting to bloom.

This is pretty much the face I get whenever I take Mia's photo any more. She doesn't like to smile and it is a rare occasion when I get a picture of her looking truly happy; which is strange because this is one happy girl. Not while I am taking pictures, I guess. (I definitely need new subjects.)

Mia also wasn't feeling very well, which is why she looks a little sad.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Jared wears glasses but he isn't always interested in taking them off before he goes to bed. I was looking at some crocheting creations by Seth's cousin and found a pattern for this guy.

I finished it in a couple of hours and he was ready for Jared when Jared got home from school. Jared's reaction? "Hey! That looks like that guy from the Muppet's!" I couldn't have been happier since that is who I was trying to get him to look like - Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. I wasn't even sure Jared would know who he was.

Once he could see, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew thought he would take the opportunity to read a little "Winnie the Pooh". Who knows why but my kids love the thought of him reading a book.

Jared still doesn't like to put his glasses away but he LOVES for me to put them on the doctor each night before Jared goes to sleep.


Mia spent the evening writing out a report on Jack Rabbits. Seth was working on it with her. After she finished writing it she went down to have Seth read through it. She came back upstairs and said, "I wrote 8 million sentences and all Dad had to say about it was, "Good job"?"

I told her that I would read it and give her better feedback. I read it and then told her that it was really great and I could tell she spent a lot of time working on it.


I woke up this morning to a beautiful day. The birds were singing, the sun was shining and my kids were getting along delightfully. After getting Jared and Mia off to school, I went out to water my garden which thought was basically dead. When I started watering it I noticed green leaves bursting through the ground. I was thrilled. I went in and told Gordon and Ellis, who helped me plant in the first place, and they ran out to check on the plants.

I have never planted this early and I was a little skeptical but I have peas and lettuce growing and I couldn't be happier. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have broccoli and cauliflower growing as well. Seriously, everything about this day was great, unless you count Gordon and Ellis splashing all of the water out of the bathtub. I love days when I feel like everything in the world is right.

Friday, April 2, 2010

April's Foolery

I didn't take a single photo yesterday but we had a lot of fun. Jared and Mia had been plotting pranks all week. On Wednesday Jared asked Seth and I to help him out with fooling Mia. He was pretty detailed in what he wanted, get her up and take her to the bus stop. Wait for two minutes than tell her, "April Fools".

We knew she wasn't going to fall for that, so Seth called the house just before we would need to go to the bus stop and said that he was from Fox Hills Elementary and that this week was no longer spring break. I started rushing both kids, "eat your breakfast, quick. You are just going to have to go in your pajamas. No, you can't wear those shoes, there is snow outside. Please put your boots on." I ran downstairs to tell Seth that I needed him to take the kids to the bus stop. We had also called the mom of the girl we carpool with so we could pick her up on the way. Once they got to the bus stop and waited a few minutes, Seth called me and put me on speaker phone and I told the kids, "April Fools". None of the kids admitted to being fooled, but I think Mia was, at least for a minute or two.

I had also told the kids that we were going to play with out friends. Jared said, "Can you call them and tell them that we are sick (which he actually was until Wednesday night)? So I called my friend and told her, "My kids want you to tell your kids that we are sick for an April Fools joke." She did although she was expecting us, her boys weren't. She even did better in telling them that she guessed they were just going to have to do chores and stuff around the house instead of play. My kids were so excited about it. Jared loved that Gabe asked him, "Why did you play an April Fools trick on us?" It was cute to hear Caleb say, "Mom. I am too sick to play any games today. April Fools!"

We have some friends that we invited to an Easter Egg hunt and dinner at our house. When I told Seth that we were going to feed them, Seth asked what I was going to do to trick them. I thought about it and could only come up with making pancakes and putting them in a pizza box. We had breakfast for dinner and then put them in some empty pizza boxes, which I got from Pizza Hut for $.25 each.

I had been tending their kids all afternoon so when Seth got home, he kept all 9 of the kids downstairs while I made dinner. After the prayer when Lewis opened the pizza box in front of him and saw a pile of pancakes I could see that he was really upset. He was so angry and he kept saying, "I want to have pizza! All I want for dinner is pizza." He was angry until I opened The box that had sausage in it. He was ready to play after that.

It was nice to be able to visit with them and just have a good time with them. They have had some unexpected changes in their lives lately and it was nice to see them relaxing and enjoying themselves.

I went to bed thinking about what a fun day it was. I love that Jared was so involved and thinking up pranks that were fun and not vicious. I think that I had better watch it from now on...who knows when his pranks will be directed at me.

April Fools

After talking to Seth, I have decided to not go private.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Going Private

I will be going private within the next week. If you would like to be added to my list, please give me your email address so I can add you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Oh how I love this boy! Gordon is such a sweet boy. This morning when we were eating breakfast I told them that there was no fighting on Valentine's Day, only loving and kissing. Gordon immediately got off his chair and started kissing my arm. He is my little snuggle bug. Not a day goes by when he doesn't curl up on my lap and snuggle with me.

If anyone comes to our house, Gordon will undoubtedly give them a hug. He likes to play house and is always the baby because "the baby gets to be held and rocked and loved". (I think it might also have something to do with the fact that babies don't really do anything.)

Gordon has recently started reading and is so enthralled in letters. He likes to sound out words and his favorite word to spell is "pop". We were talking about the nice things we could do for the others in our family and Gordon whispered to me, "Can I give them pop?" I told him it would be fine and now we are all finding little papers with "pop" written on them from Gordon. I love finding those papers!

We recently registered Gordon for Kindergarten. I know he is excited to go and I am sure he will be just fine. I also notice how different he is from the other boys his age. While they all want to play Star Wars or Batman, Gordon is happy to talk about Winnie the Pooh or play house and be the baby.

Hopefully the law isn't so strict that my "Touch Love Language" little boy can get a few hugs from his teacher. If not, I will be handing them out before and after school.

Hogle Zoo

During the winter, the last Wednesday of the month is free day at the zoo. We decided to go with out little play group. It was really a perfect day for us to go. Because it was colder outside, there weren't many people there. The wind wasn't blowing so the cold was easy to deal with. We got to see some baby animals which are always cuter than the adults.

I had just taught the kids about "Daniel and the Lion's Den" at church. Gordon and Ellis were very nervous that if they saw a lion it would try to eat them. They were curious as to what a lion's den would look like and were eager to see the lion. Hogle Zoo doesn't have any lions. They have a mountain lion, which we didn't see, and they have some tigers. There are two baby tigers at the zoo. I told them that the animals would be in cages, so if there were lions, they wouldn't try to eat us.

Ellis said, "Besides, we could just pray for an Angel to close their mouths." I was surprised he had really listened at all during primary.

Two Front Teeth

I think little (big) girls are super cute missing their two front teeth. Mia's front teeth were loose for a long time. Finally I asked Mia if she was ever going to pull them out. I told her that when I was younger and I had loose teeth, I couldn't leave them alone. I would always be wiggling them until finally they came out. I guess I should be happy that she hasn't been putting her fingers in her mouth... As a result Mia started wiggling her teeth and before she knew it, it came right out.

Since I love little (big) kids without their two front teeth, I encouraged her to pull her other tooth. She pulled it just in the nick of time - the top tooth is starting to come in. I really wanted to get this picture.

A little note about this picture: I put curlers in Mia's hair on Saturday night. When I woke up on Sunday she had taken all of the curlers our, put the headband in and put on Sunday clothes. She is becoming so responsible.


Jared seems to have a love/hate relationship with Cub Scouts. Some days when he gets home, it is all he can do to hold back the tears. Others he it excited about the fun time he has had.

Last week when he came home crying and told me that he "didn't like it and wished he could stay home", I told him that I would be fine with him not going. I also said that scouts was supposed to be a fun experience and if he didn't want to go, he didn't have to. After thinking it over, he decided he would like to keep going.

The thing is they do fun things like decorate valentine cakes and make First Aid kits. He really likes that activities they do.

The problem Jared has is they always play basketball. Jared isn't very good at basketball and when asked about it he will tell you he doesn't like basketball because he is too short. Because Jared isn't very good at basketball, the other boys don't pass him the ball and he inevitable feels left out.

I bought a basketball the other day for him to take to scouts. He practiced shooting hoops and came home in a much better mood. He told me that he still doesn't like playing basketball but at least he doesn't have to ask the other boys if he can use their ball.

I told him that he could just call me when the other boys start playing basketball and I would be happy to come and pick him up. Jared said this might embarrass him.

I also told Jared that, for the rest of his life, whenever he goes to scouts they will be playing basketball. It just seems to be part of scouts.

Friday, January 22, 2010


A while ago I bought a bunch of bowls from Ikea. These bowls are one serving, unbreakable, microwavable and dishwasher safe. I love these bowls.

The thing I like most about these bowls is putting them away. They go in a counter that is higher than Jared can reach. When he empties the dishwasher, he stacks the bowls, colors together, in the order of the rainbow. It is especially fun to go in and see after we have had soup and cereal on the same day. It brings a little bit of summer into our house on these cold winter days.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Because Who Doesn't want Pink Eyebrows?

Mia got some make-up for Christmas from Seth's sister, Gwen. To say Mia loves it is a gross understatement. She has been good about checking with me to make sure she can use it before putting it on. I was doing her make-up the other day and she asked me if the lip liner was for your eyebrows. I told her that it was really for lips but I would put it on her eyebrows if she wanted. She really wanted pink eyebrows and was a bit sad when I told her that I wouldn't color mine pink too.

It Must be Love

We got a new washer and dryer today. This sums it all up. I didn't sit in front of the dryer watching the clothes tumble but I did leave the laundry room door open so I could look at it any time I wanted to...

The look on Gordon's face in the reflection pretty much says how I felt all day.

Grandma Campbell

After going to the doctor today (they told me that if Dr. Jackson needs to run any tests he will call me), the boys and I went on a road trip to Kaysville. That is where this beautiful lady, whom I call Grandma, lives.

We had such a nice visit. It has been way too long since I last visited her and she is so close to me now. This year I am going to try to visit her more often. I would love for my children to know her and love her the way I do.

Gordon's Creation

This is what Gordon did during quiet time the other day. I don't know why this brings me so much joy but it does.

When I told him that I liked it, he told me that he had to put the purple bears with the white shapes because there were no white bears or purple shapes. I sure love that kid!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Here is a quick update on Ellis. Ellis is short and I mean really short. When he turned 3 he was shorter than Jared, Mia and Gordon were when they turned 2 years old. Our Pediatrician has said at each appointment that, yes he is short but, since he follows his own growth curve, there is no need for concern.

When I took him for his 3 year checkup, Dr. Jackson again said that he wasn't too concerned but let's weigh him again in 6 months because there might be something wrong with his thyroid. Today I got the call to bring him to have him weighed and measured. I will be taking him in tomorrow and there will be nothing conclusive until a later date.

In our home we don't realize just how short Ellis is. He can do anything the big kids can. He is confident and happy. It is when we get him with other kids his age and younger that I realize just how little he is.

I really am not worried, I am just "covering my bases".

Because Ellis is just so cute, here is a picture of him.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Temple Square

On December 21 we went with some friends of our to Temple Square. This is something that I intend to do every year but in reality it only happens about every other year. I am just amazed at how many lights are used and how carefully they wrap the trees. Not only do they wrap the main branches, but they wrap the little branches too.

These are the kids we had with us - 2 girls and 6 boys. I especially love going to look at Christmas lights with children because they are so enchanted by the magic of it all.

After we looked at the lights we intended to go to Winder Dairy and get some of their scones and hot chocolate but they were SO crowded! We decided to go to our house for hot chocolate and scones instead.