Friday, December 11, 2009


Another funny story about Carols is this: I have a younger sister named Carol and she has a twin sister named Karen. Carol used to get so angry when anyone would suggest we sing Christmas Carols. She would always say, "Why don't you sing Christmas Karens?" When we would tease her around Christmas, we would always just say, "Christmas Carol, Christmas Carol." She would get SO mad about that. She has since outgrown it.


TaLaisa said...

I'm loving reading your traditions and memories. You're such a great person it's fun to read about you being a tease and a trouble maker of a neighbor child.

Thanks for posting these.

Maybe one day soon you can help me realize digi scrapping is so worth the hassle of learning computer skills.

Linda said...

I hope it is one day soon. I would love this to be a hobby we could share with eachother.

Think about how easy it will be to make a copy of each digital page for each of your little cuties. MUCH easier than making one by hand for each boy.

Let me know if you ever get photoshop elements or if you are crazy and purchase Adobe Photoshop. $$.

mommaquincy said...

It sounds like you were a sweet kid, no wonder your such a sweet mom!