Monday, November 30, 2009


I enrolled to take a holiday class at my favorite digital scrapbooking site. One of the assignments is to blog/journal every day in December. To help you along they have prompts for blogging.

The prompt for today is:

What is your earliest holiday memory?

Every Christmas I can remember we would get up, open presents and then go to Rexburg and Idaho Falls to visit my grandparents. Every Christmas that is, except one. There was a terrible storm and we were snowed in. There was no choice but to stay home. We had all gotten games for Christmas and we spent the day playing games and putting puzzles together.

I love the time we shared as a family and the fun we had just being together. This is my absolute favorite Christmas memory up until I was married. I love my family so much and the memory of the love and time spent enjoying, and getting closer to, each other really stick out.

Because this is one of my favorite memories I always try to give the kids a game, a book and a puzzle that we can spend time playing, reading and putting together during the day.


mommaquincy said...

I love the puzzles and games together, too!

Linda said...

Nothing can beat the togetherness of playing together and bonding.