Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cause for Celebration

I have been intimidated by French Braiding ever since Mia has had enough hair to braid. I used to French Braid my own hair when I was in High School but have never been able to do it on another person's head.

I tried it tonight and everything just "clicked". I am excited because of how many possibilities this opens up for me in hair dos.

I don't have a picture because I just tried it quickly before she went to bed and now she is in bed but I am excited!


Melissa said...

Usually it's the other way around. You can do someone else's hair but it's really hard to do your own. Good job! I just recently figured out how to do my own hair.

P.S. I remember when you did your own hair, you looked so cute!

Mortensen Family said...

Good Job, I actually got a book from the library and tried it on emma and still couldn't figure it out. I need someone in person to show me again!!!!!!!!!! I was excited about the possibilties it would open up too, but that didn't work for me yet!

mommaquincy said...

Congrats! I never could french braid. I made Jess do Jenny's hair for her gymnastics meets.