Sunday, October 18, 2009

Book Worm

Our book club recently read "Night of the Howling Dogs." This is a children's book (we generally read one children's book a year) and based on a true story. After I read it, I thought Jared would like it so I suggested it to him. I told him a little about the plot so he would be a little more motivated to read it.

On Friday he was about 3/4 through with the book when I told him it was time to go to bed. He was pretty upset and things were just getting exciting in the book. He asked me if he could read it in his bed. I almost said no. Then I remembered how much I loved to read in bed while I was younger (and still do). It was the weekend and really it didn't matter if he stayed up late reading. I told him that he could.

He was so excited. I thought he would read for about 30 minutes and fall asleep, what with all of the comfort of reading in bed and relaxing. But he didn't. He read for a couple more hours and finished the book. He was so excited about it and he has been telling me about the book all weekend.

Can I just say that I LOVE that he loves to read? I have always loved reading. I remember learning to read and the way that opened my world and imagination. I remember reading the "Dick and Jane" books in first grade and getting a prize from Mrs. Lankford's treasure chest for reading the correct number of minutes. I remember reading with a flashlight under my blankets so that no one would know I was still awake. Reading has always been a passion of mine and I am thrilled to pass it on to someone I love.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cause for Celebration

I have been intimidated by French Braiding ever since Mia has had enough hair to braid. I used to French Braid my own hair when I was in High School but have never been able to do it on another person's head.

I tried it tonight and everything just "clicked". I am excited because of how many possibilities this opens up for me in hair dos.

I don't have a picture because I just tried it quickly before she went to bed and now she is in bed but I am excited!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Glasses part 2

I had to post the last entry paragraph by paragraph. Apparently I am too long winded. I will finish here.

Jared was pretty excited about getting glasses. He told the pediatrician, "I don't care if I have to get glasses. At least no one will make fun of me because lots of kids in my class wear glasses." I would say about 1/3 of his class wears glasses. He told my friend that carpools with us, "Now we can have a 4-square team with everyone wearing glasses!" He told Mia, "When I get my glasses I will be able to see better than you!" This may or may not be true. We will wait to have Mia's eyes tested so that she doesn't just try to get glasses and be like Jared.

This is a picture of Jared the day he got his glasses outside Grandma and Grandpa Leary's home.


I took Jared to the doctor for a "well child checkup" last month. Everything looked great until they did his eye test. He wasn't able to see very well. Dr. Jackson suggested that we go to the eye doctor.

I made the appointment at Costco Optical and headed over with four kids in tow. When I looked at how small the exam room was, I knew that I couldn't take 4 kids in there and expect them to behave or for the exam to go well. I asked Jared if it would be OK with him if I waited out in the waiting room for him. He said it was OK. I wasn't comfortable with Jared going into the room on his own so I decided to give him a buddy and sent Mia in with him.

While we were waiting in the waiting room, Gordon and Ellis started to get restless. I asked, "Who wants to hear a story?" They were both pretty excited to hear one. I began, "Once upon a time there lived a..." then I pointed at Ellis and he said something like apple. The story went on and in a little while I pointed at Gordon and he helped with the story. We went on like this for a while until the story came to an ending. Time passed quickly and before we knew it, the doctor opened the door and was showing Jared just how his new glasses would help him see.

After speaking with the Optometrist for a bit, we went out to choose some glasses. Before we began, I took the kids all over to the corner and asked silly questions like, "Who is getting glasses?" "Can Mia touch the glasses?" "Can Gordon? Can Ellis?" They all had the correct answers and since we had talked about it before, not one of the kids even tried to grab a pair of glasses, I couldn't believe how well it worked. We chose a pair of glasses that both Jared and I liked and took them to the cashier.

She explained everything to Jared about what she was doing at each step. I was impressed. It was just what Jared needed.