Thursday, September 24, 2009


Somehow it seems I fall behind in blogging and am a little overwhelmed at the thought of catching up so I just get behind more...

Things that should be noted but haven't been:

1. Ellis turned 3 years old in July. He is 30 inches tall - 1 inch taller than Gordon was on his second birthday. He is following his own growth chart and the pediatrician isn't too concerned but he is going to do a little testing just to make sure he is doing OK. We will go in to have him measured in 6 months and then again in a year. It may be something to do with his thyroid.

2. Jared turned 8 in August. He celebrated with a bunch of friends having Jedi training at our house. Amber and Aaron came to help us with the party. Seth had great ideas for party games. I was surprised how "into" it Seth got. Because of him everyone had a great time.

3. Jared was baptized on August 16, 2009. This should probably be noted somewhere for Jared. About a month before his baptism I was downstairs ironing my skirt. Jared came in and told me that he was too grouchy to go to church. I was pretty surprised by this and told him that if he was too grouchy to go to church, he could stay home and take a nap. Seth came down and told me that he told Jared he didn't need to go to church. I was pretty surprised. I told him that I wished he had talked to me about that before he made that decision. After Seth and I discussed it, we both agreed that if he was planning on being baptized, Jared needed to be able to make the decision about going to church. We then told Jared that if he wanted to stay home, he could. He didn't even have to stay in bed the whole time, but he needed to know that if he was choosing to not go to church then he was choosing to not be baptized. Being baptized is a promise you make with Heavenly Father, telling him that you want to go to church and do the things that he wants you to do. Jared was crying his eyes out because he really wanted to be baptized. Seth and I were both trying to get him to tell us why he wanted to be baptized and he told us that he really likes going to church and he likes the way he feels when he is there. We may have even tried to get him to wait a little while to get baptized. Tried to get him to really think about it and make sure this is what he wanted. We told him, "Jared when you get older and you move out..." Jared said, "I have to move out?!" and then he cried harder. I told him that he could stay with me forever if he wanted to.

We let him think about it and got the other kids ready for church. Jared came to us and told us that he wanted to go to church and he wanted to get baptized as soon as he turned 8. He hasn't complained about going to church since. He even chose to fast on Fast Sunday in September.

4. School is going great! Jared and Mia are both being challenged and they are both enjoying school. Jared is entering the world of timed tests and has a bit of anxiety over them. His teacher has sent some home for him to practice so he doesn't freeze up on them during class. This has really helped him.

5. Mia is terrible at spelling. She can spell the words when I ask her to spell them just at random times but if she knows she is having a spelling test, she over thinks it or something and doesn't spell them right. Do any of you have any suggestions as to how I can help her? We have been writing the words and they practice them all of the time at school. What has worked for you?

6. Yesterday I had a very minor surgery on my foot. I was in a bit of pain so I took one of the LoraTab that was prescribed to me. I could tell as soon as it made it's way into my blood stream. I was dizzy and sick to my stomach. It was the worst feeling I have ever had. I won't be taking any more of those and will just deal with the pain. Fortunately for me, there isn't much pain. I was so ill when I went to bed last night, it was a relief to wake up and feel great.

7. Mia started gymnastics and she just loves it. She was in dance last year and she didn't really care for it. I think she is more powerful and less graceful. She was good at dancing but she didn't like being told what to do. She didn't like stretching. One day she told me that the only thing she liked about dance was free time which was only about 30 seconds at the end of dance.

I overheard her telling the boys on Tuesday after gymnastics that it is important to stretch your body so that it doesn't get hurt and it really makes it feel good. She then told them that that is the reason people like to stretch in the morning. She doesn't complain that they have to do push ups and pull ups. She just loves it and has her eyes set on the Olympics. Who am I to tell her that she probably won't make it to the Olympics? I am her mom and I am her biggest fan. She can do anything she wants to do.

8. The boys started soccer. Jared really loves soccer and he is an excellent Goal Keeper. He isn't really great at thinking on his feet and he doesn't do really well as a forward, but put him in the goal and tell him to not let any in and he does very well. He is eager to learn from anyone who isn't me. Somehow in the last year I have lost a little of my credibility. I knew it was going to happen at some point, but I wish he could have held on for a little longer. When he wants to know the answer to something, he still comes to me but when it involves learning something about a recreational activity he thinks he knows anything I try to tell him.

Gordon and Ellis are on a soccer team this year too. I don't know if they really like it. Well, Ellis does like it. Gordon really likes the idea of playing soccer but isn't so crazy about actually playing. He likes to roll around on the grass and fall down on purpose. His last game he would lay down on the grass and someone from the other team would come and jump over him. Ellis is just so little that he can't keep up with the other kids. He doesn't get very much "ball time" which I don't think he really likes. He will go out there and run around but sometimes he will tell me, "They don't need me." When the game is over and the treats come out, of course all of this changes and suddenly they do need him and Gordon is done rolling around on the grass. I think I will wait another couple of years before I put them in soccer again. I don't think they will even care about that...especially if I have plenty of treats at home.


Amber Louise Gusa said...

Maybe that's another reason it's called "Fall"... because by the time it comes around we are all falling behind in our blogging? haha

I didn't know you had foot surgery! I thought my Mom would have announced things like that?

Thanks for all of the updates! I love reading about you guys!

Linda said...

She might have announced it if she had known about it...Now you can announce it to her!

Missy said...

Ya, what did you have done to your foot?

mommaquincy said...

Linda, you are such a great mom! Jared plays soccer just like all of my boys did. They are just defensive minded. As for the spelling thing, I used to have my kids give me the spelling tests. They seemed to learn more from checking up on my spelling skills. Some never needed to study and some needed lots of practice.
Jenny was one of those kids with her own below the chart growth chart. She didn't grow much until she started competing in gymnastics and suddenly got a great appetite.
Good luck with your foot. I can't handle Lortab, but you might want to take some Naproxin. I just take it with food and have never had a problem and it lasts for 12 hours!

Linda said...

I just had a toe nail removed. Very minor...

Chris, thanks for the suggestion on the spelling test. I just let her take it without quizzing her on Wed. and she got 100%. Maybe I was just making her nervous.