Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School

Monday began another school year. This one was more difficult on me than any so far. Jared is in Third grade and Mia is in First. We have switched schools again. The kids were accepted into a magnet school this year. They even get to ride the bus, which they think is cool.

I rode the bus to school until I was in fifth grade and my mom never followed it to school and I always wondered why any one would follow the bus to school. Guess what? I followed the bus to school this year.

None of us really knew where the bus would drop the kids off and none of us knew where to go after the bus dropped them off. I just felt better knowing that the kids weren't scared and they could get to their classes safely.

I was especially worried for Jared. He wasn't really thrilled with the idea of changing schools last year and when we went in to meet his teacher, he wasn't exactly polite. He was a little defiant and tried to find every thing possible that he wouldn't like about the school. I have been agonizing over the decision of sending him to Fox Hills ever since we went in to meet her. Did I mention that Jared has anxiety problems? When we got to the school to meet his teacher, he was crying. She won him over and when we left I was crying because I was just so grateful that he had someone to teach him that was interested in him.

When I got to the school I waited for the bus pulled up. The only problem was that I had two children going to school and there was only one of me...Seth was out of town. Jared and Mia were not going to the same location in the school. I stood there and had to decide which of my children I was going to help. It was agonizing making the decision. Jared was following a bunch of kids and asked me, "Where do I go?" This question took my breath away a little. I told him to follow the kids and he would find it. My heart had fallen into my stomach. I waited for Mia for a while and one of my friends, who also has a First Grader asked me where Jared was. I told her he went somewhere behind the school and she said she would make sure Mia got to class safely if I wanted to check on Jared.

I took Gordon and Ellis and we headed behind the school in the direction Jared had gone. I couldn't find him. Then the bell rang. I just had this sinking feeling that he had been sent on his own and would be so lonely. We were walking all of the way around the school and I remembered that his teacher had said that he would be in the Relocatable classrooms. Then I saw them on my left. I went up to the class and saw him. He was all alone in the classroom and I just wanted to grab him and hug him and tell him how much I loved him. I wanted to tell him that he is just so special to me and that I really hoped he had a great day. I also didn't want to overwhelm him and give him reason to be concerned. I just said, "I love you Jared. Have a great day!" He said good bye to me and then I went to find Mia.

When I got to Mia's class she was sitting at her desk and her teacher was talking to all of the parents telling them about their safety rules for the bus. Mia was so excited and kept waving at me. She was excited because she got to eat school lunch for the first time. Everything was so fresh and new for her and she was just absorbing it.

When it was time for us to go, I took this picture and gave her a hug and left.

They both came home with happy faces and good things to say. Jared had had such a good time he couldn't stop talking about it. When we got inside the house he shouted, "Mom. How many hours can I read tonight?" I asked how many he wanted to read. He told me that he would like to read for 2 hours. He couldn't even sleep because he kept remembering different things that had happened. I was thrilled to see him so excited about school again. He hasn't been like this since he first began Kindergarten.

Mia on the other hand. Told me how great her day was and the she really liked her teacher. She showed me some pages she had colored and talked a bit about an assignment she had done and she was finished talking about it. She just wanted to get outside and play with the boys.

It was a successful day when you come down to it. I felt better sending them the second day and I think it is just going to get easier. On Tuesday Jared told me that he didn't need me to go with him to his class this time.


Melissa said...

Madison started the 2nd grade this year. I was so ready for her to go back. And yet, I still don't even want her to be old enough.

mommaquincy said...

You are such a sweet mom! Your kids are lucky to have you!