Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yesterday just as I was stepping into the shower, Ellis started crying. He ran to tell me that he had fallen, I thought he said off a chair. His mouth was bleeding a bit and I asked Mia to help him get a drink to take care of the blood. As we were getting ready for swimming lessons, Ellis was just crying and really seemed to be in pain. I asked him if I could see his mouth and he let me. I had intended to just look at his lip, but when I lifted his lip I noticed that his teeth had been adjusted. When he fell, he had hit his front teeth and one of them went up, into his gums and twisted a bit. He had blood all around his teeth and I thought, "No wonder he is crying so much." I gave him some Tylenol and called our dentist only to discover that they were closed on Mondays. There was a number to call for emergency or "if your child is in a lot of pain" which I called. I had to leave a message and then headed out to swimming lessons with the kids.

Just as we got to the very noisy pool the dentist called back. I took Gordon and Ellis back outside so that I could talk to him. He was very nice when he asked me what happened and I had to tell him that I didn't know because I was just getting ready for the shower. I tried to tell him what Ellis had told me, but I was still trying to make sense of that myself. He told me that since the teeth were knocked out, but were just pushed up they would likely just correct themselves. He also wanted Ellis to come in to be checked out in a couple of weeks.

When I asked Ellis about his teeth and what hurt, he pointed to the sunken one and said, "This hurts." He pointed to a different tooth and said, "This doesn't hurt" (back to the sore one) "just this one.

He hasn't sucked his thumb since this happened. I wonder if this will be the beginning of breaking the habit for him.


mommaquincy said...

isn't that when everything happens? While we are naked or otherwise unable to deal with it easily.

Melissa said...

That's really sad. I hope all will be well though. Sounds like the dentist thought it would ok.