Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Jared got his first hickey today. He has this toy that you turn inside out and it jumps really high. When I got home from shopping today, I noticed he had this perfectly circular purple spot on his forehead. I asked him, "Did you stick that green thing to your head?" He said that he did and ran in to look at it in the mirror. I was laughing about it because I remember kids coming to school with hickeys on their faces from doing the same thing.

When he went to bed he asked me if it would be gone by morning. I told him that I didn't think so, but maybe. I asked him if I could take a picture of it, but he was adamant that I didn't. I started laughing about it again and he said, "Mommy. It is making me really mad that you won't stop laughing about it." I still can see the humor in it and hopefully he will be able to, too one of these days.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I love spring!

To celebrate Earth Day, we had a few friends over and we played outside, made bird feeders and then rode our bikes to take Mia to school. I think they look so pretty in front my my peach tree that is blooming.

Some of us enjoyed eating the Peanut Butter more than spreading it.

Another thing I love about spring would have to be outdoor soccer. Jared and Mia started Saturday. I really like to watch soccer. I like that the kids are out there running around burning all of that energy they have to keep in check during school.

I love having weather warm enough to take the kids to the park. Picnics in the shade and just enjoying each others company is high on my list of lovable activities.

Somehow, just having warm weather makes everyone around here happy. I like being able to show the kids out the door and not feeling guilty because it is cold out there. The best part is that they are happy to go.

Now that we are used to the pretty flowers and the hours spent outdoors...when is it going to get cold again?

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Things that have happened since March 15:

My sister and her kids came and stayed with us for a week. She has a 7 month old daughter and her 6 year old son. Ever since they left, Mia has been begging for a baby sister, or she will say, "Beth is SO cute. I love her so much!"

Same sister let me take photos of her cute, cute kids AND she LOVED them.

Had our last soccer game. Signed up for Spring soccer.

Mia didn't wet the bed, for the first time, and we had a party. Mia got to choose everything about the party. We bobbed for apples, had cupcakes and played games.

Mia lost her second tooth. It was so wobbly and ready to come out. She wanted it to come out so I told her to just grab it and twist it she was really surprised when it came out. (April 1)

Gordon learned to wink.

Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt.

Spring Break.

Wheeler Farm.

Jared relearned to tie his shoes.

Colored Easter Eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter Pictures.

Had Cayden spend the night - aren't cousins great?

Back to Wheeler Farm, this time with cousins. Wheeler Farm has their baby animals right now. We went on a tractor ride and had a picnic. The weather was so beautiful, it was such a fun day.

Soccer started up again.

We finished off with an "Easter Bash" with the Ellis side of the family.

Seems like we have just been busy, busy, busy. We sure have enjoyed ourselves, though.