Sunday, March 1, 2009


Mia lost her first tooth today. She has been so excited to have a loose tooth, but very nervous about it coming out. She was really hoping to have it out on her birthday, 5 days ago, but it never happened. This morning while she was eating, she bit down on a piece of cereal and her tooth came out with it when she stopped biting. She didn't even know that it came out. She tried to chew her cereal and it was really hard, so she checked to see what it was. She was so excited when she saw it was her tooth. She couldn't stop talking about it. She showed everyone that said, "Hi" to her at church today and even some that didn't.

I am not thrilled with the picture I got, but these days, I just have to be happy that she will let me take any photos of her at all.


mommaquincy said...

Congrats on losing that first tooth! You'll be an expert at it soon!

Julie said...

Hi Linda. Thanks for entering my giveaway!

I really like your posts -- I love love love honesty in blogging. Your kids are just as cute as can be.

Is there a place I can see your photos?

One more thing, how did you find my blog? My cousin-in-law is a Leary.

It's fun to meet new blogging friends -- thanks for entering!

Julie said...

Ahh! You're THAT Linda! I love our mutual friend!