Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mia's Day

Today my little angel Mia turned 6 years old. If I had been prepared and not trying to get kids ready for the day, I would have posted this at 7:30 am when she was born. That didn't happen but we did have a fun day.

It actually started last night when she begged me to let her wear curlers - she was really putting off going to bed - so I let her. We have a tradition to have donuts for breakfast on birthdays. It is the only time during the year they get them and I am surprised at how much this silly tradition means to them.

I think this picture is pretty accurate as to how she felt about having her pictures taken at all today.

Seth was out of town and wouldn't get back until after the kids were in bed, so we were really going to celebrate Mia's birthday on Amber's birthday, the next day. Seth called to tell her happy birthday while we were out and left a message. I called him back after Mia was in school and he told me that he was able to get an earlier flight home. We decided to have a surprise party for her. She is ALWAYS talking about having a surprise party. I made a few phone calls and we had some guests for the party. When she got home from school, we all jumped out at her and yelled, "Surprise"! We played with balloons and had cupcakes. It was a lot of fun.

The best part was after everyone was gone and I was just sitting with Mia. She turned to me and said, "Mommy, when we had that surprise party, I was REALLY surprised! I didn't think I would get a party at all and I didn't think that daddy would be home. It was really fun." I am glad that it worked out and she enjoyed it so much.

All Mia asked for for her birthday were a wand and a fairy costume. These were easy to get. I also was excited to pass down to her a doll cradle that my grandpa made for me for Christmas one year. I really loved that cradle and it is fun to see her enjoy the same toy I loved so much.


Mortensen Family said...

happy birthday Mia. We hope you have a great day
love hayley and emma

Mortensen Family said...

happy birhday Mia! From:

Linda said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Mia loved the book. Thank you. She took it to school for show and tell. She told all about her friend Emma that lives very far away and how much she loves her. Thanks for thinking of her.

mommaquincy said...

The curlers did a great job! What a fun Mom Mia has! Spur of the minute parties are the best!

Linda said...

I have to agree with you. The best surprise party is when it is a surprise for everyone - I didn't have to worry at all about party games or decorating a cake. It all went together so fast...Seth finished decorating as she was walking to the door.