Friday, January 2, 2009


It is so easy once you skip a bit of blogging to keep on skipping it. A quick update on our family. We had a very nice Christmas. My favorite part was when we were opening presents and I was opening the gift Mia gave me. She had been a little down in the dumps because she didn't think she had as many presents as everyone else (remember she is only5). When I opened the present and told her how much I liked it, her face brightened and she excitedly told me about why she bought the gift for me. It was a sweet moment to see her forget about herself and feel the joy of giving.

When I was little, we would just open the presents as quickly as we could and not take time to play with them. We let the kids play with each present as they opened it. It was so fun to see them enjoy themselves.

We spent New Year's Eve with Seth's parents in West Jordan. We played games and watched movies. It was a lot of fun until I discovered that Ellis had diarrhea and I had just used up my last diaper. He had diaper rash so bad. I went and told Seth that it was time to go. We had about 20 minutes left until midnight. We took the kids home and let Jared and Mia stay up to watch the ball that didn't drop. Seth played some games with them and I went to bed. I don't even know what time they went to bed.

I took a couple of pictures using my new tripod. This one just makes me laugh. It was the best one we got. We were in a rush because we needed to get to church. Mia was NOT happy about it and I didn't realize she was sticking her tongue out until I downloaded it to my computer. It really it just captures how she was feeling at the time.

I think it is a family tradition to take a picture of everyone goofing off. Everyone got involved with it and it was a fun way to end the photo shoot.

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Melissa said...

I saw you found my blog so...I'm letting you know I found yours:) That makes me very happy. Now I can blog-stalk you too. You're family is getting so big. And they're so adorable.