Wednesday, January 7, 2009


On Saturday we had planned on going sledding with my brother and his family after we went to one of our friends baptism. While we were at the baptism, we got a my James called and said that they had sick kids. We decided that we would just go any way. I am really glad that we did. We were really bundled up - and warm. I didn't even get cold when Gordon and I got to the bottom of the hill and slid off our sled into a puddle of water.

Gordon was a little nervous about sledding but after he went just one time, he loved it. He would giggle all the way down the hill and talk about how great it was on the way back up.

Jared, I think, had the best time of us all. I think he would have stayed all day if we let him. We had to promise hot chocolate when we got home to get him to come willingly. It was so much fun to see (and hear) him enjoy himself. Again, I am really glad that we went.

The only photos I took were of Ellis. He was just so fluffy and bundled and cute that I couldn't resist. My camera stayed in the car the rest of the time so that I could enjoy playing with the kids and not worry about getting a great shot. I regret that I didn't get any photos of the excitement or the kids going down the sled, but I do not regret just enjoying the kids.

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