Friday, January 9, 2009


Mia is in LOVE with a boy in Kindergarten named Jack. Jack is the brother of one of Jared's friends. Every day Mia tells Jack, "I LOVE YOU!! I want to marry you." Jack always tells Mia, "I hate you!" or he says, "I am NOT your boyfriend!"

Jack came over to play today. Mia and Jack were so cute. They got along so well. I was a little worried that if he came over with his brother, he would just want to follow Jared and Josh around. That didn't happen.

Jack even played house with Mia. It was cute to see them both carrying babies around. They went in the playroom and closed the door. They are 6 years old. What difference does it make if the door is open or closed, right? They were in there making food and taking care of their babies for a while and I overheard them say something about kissing. I went in to check on them and they were just over by the play kitchen making muffins. I asked if the had been kissing and Mia said, "Yes." Jack kept telling me several times that they hadn't. He also told me that he was a scientist and had plutonium in his bedroom that he made himself. I believed Mia. I told them that they couldn't kiss any more and that they had to have the door open. Mia said, "It was Jack's idea. We kissed on the mouth." Again I told them no more kissing.

I was so surprised because Mia hates kisses. If I slip-up and kiss her then she will wipe it off and say, "Eeewww! I hate kisses!" When I told her that there was no more kissing her friends, she told me that she loves kisses now. She then kissed me about 10 times in a minute.

I was worried that Jack's mom wouldn't let him come over to play again. When she showed up I told her, "Our kids kissed. Well, Mia and Jack kissed." She said, "That Jack. He is always kissing." It was no big deal. I felt a little bit better but somehow, because the door was closed, I feel like I wasn't watching them good enough.

I guess Mia has had her first kiss...let's hope it is her last for a LONG time.


Melissa said...

I'm am laughing hysterically! That's an awesome story. Madison's best friend is a boy right now too. And he comes over and plays all the time. Madison tells me all the time that she's going to marry him and that she loves him. Guess I better watch out for them playing in her bedroom too. Hehehe.

mommaquincy said...

Jonathan had a little friend that wanted to marry him when he was 5. She never grew out of it. Luckily she lives in Washington now. Its nice when one is oblivious.

Linda said...

Mia seems to have it all figured out. She has a list of potential husbands in case Jack doesn't want to marry her.

She gets an A+ in being prepared, I guess.