Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had a Pirate, Luigi, a Genie and a Skunk over at our house today. Mia was pretty excited because she got to go to school in the morning instead of the afternoon for the Halloween Parade.

Ellis was a hit with the adults. While we were waiting in the multi-purpose room at the school, I "caught" some random lady taking a picture of him. She was pretty embarrassed and tried to explain why she was taking pictures of him.

Gordon was a hit with most of the kids in the line. They would walk by and say, "It'sa Luigi!" Then Gordon would say, "He called me Luigi!" I was surprised at how many times this happened.

This is Jared's teacher. She handed out Dots candy to all of the little kids. Ellis wasn't sure that he wanted to eat it until he saw Gordon eat his.

The kids had a lot of fun at their Halloween parties and were hopped up on sugar before we even went trick-or-treating.

We carved pumpkins when Mia got home from Kindergarten.

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