Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Button, button. Who's got the button?

Yesterday while Gordon was supposed to be sleeping, I was in taking a break, reading a book and Gordon came running downstairs to me. He told me, "The dot is in my nose and I can't get it out!" I asked him more questions about this "dot". Turns out he found a little button and for whatever reason a 3 year old does anything, he shoved it up his nose. I had him lay down on my bed and tried to shine my bedside lamp up his nose to see better. There it was, I could barely see it because he had poked it up his nose so far. It was in so deep that I was nervous to try and get it out with my tweezers...I could barely see it and to top things off, it was flesh colored.

I called my pediatrician. The conversation went a little like this:
Me: "I think I need to make an appointment."
Receptionist: "You think you need to?" (chuckles)
Me: "Yeah...my son stuck a button up his nose and I can't get it out."
Receptionist: "A button up his nose?" (Tells the others near her - "a button up his nose.")
Me: (Nervous laughter) "Heh, yeah. A button."
Receptionist: (still chuckling) "I'm sorry. We aren't laughing."
Me: "That's OK."
Receptionist: "The earliest we can get him in is 3:30. It is causing him any pain?"
(It was 2:00)
Me: "No. He is just a little concerned that there is a 'belly button' in his nose."
Receptionist: "I am concerned about that too. So is Mom."

We ended the call and I felt foolish about the whole situation. Then I couldn't remember what time the appointment was for. I had to call back.

Me: "Hi. I am the mom of the boy with a button up his nose...(Insert laughter) Is my appointment for 3:15 or 3:30."

She told me it was 3:30. After I got off the phone, Gordon started sneezing. I was so glad. Then I grabbed the tweezers and a tissue, plugged one nostril and asked him to blow as hard as he could. He started to and I saw the button come down to the opening of his nostril. Then he sniffed and pulled the button back up.

The next time, I had the tweezers in the opening of his nose, ready to grab the button before he could sniff it up again. He blew, I tweezed and I extracted the button. I was not sad when I called the doctor's office and told them, "I am the mom of the boy with the button in his nose. I was able to get it out, so I would like to cancel my appointment."


TaLaisa said...

Yikes! I stuck an eraser up my nose when I was 4. The doctor had to use needle nose pliers. But I survived, Lester says it explains a lot.

Linda said...

Lester is funny. Remember that this happened to Jared when he was about the same age...?

TaLaisa said...

I'd forgotten about Jared, was it a button?

I'm thinking Gabe stuck something in his nose once upon a time.

Linda said...

It was a button. A little blue button he got off Mia's sweater while I was feeding her.

He sneezed it right out, but not until after I called Seth's mom hysterical and wondering what I should do.