Friday, November 28, 2008


We hosted Thanksgiving lunch at our house this year. It was so much fun and my family was all so eager to help. I did a trial run on the turkey and stuffing last Saturday and boy, am I glad I did. There were a few things I learned to make the whole waiting process flow better.

I started by soaking the turkey in a brine over night. It was so moist and I was pleased with it. It was such a beautiful golden brown color when I removed it from the oven, honestly, I couldn't have been happier with the color of it.

Seth read some instructions on how to carve the turkey and he did an excellent job...he even carved a little bit of his finger just for fun.

Gordon and Ellis got to discover the joy of olives, which they called peas for a reason I don't understand.

My parents were able to stop in and pick up my grandma and that was such a treat. I only hope that when I am her age I can be just as perfect with my wrinkled skin and white hair. I think she is just so beautiful.

We tried to take some pictures of all of the great-grandchildren with Grandma, but someone wasn't cooperating...

We were all able to fit on the first floor of our house and every one was able to sit up to a table. It was just so much fun for me to see everyone and catch up on their busy lives. We definitely should do this more than once a year.

Black Friday

I got up at 3:00 this morning to hit the sales. Kohls opened at 4:00 and I wanted to get a few hot items. While I was standing in line I started talking to the lady behind me. I asked her what she was going to get and she told me that she didn't know, she was only there because she had to get up to feed her baby and she couldn't go back to sleep. We talked for a bit longer and she asked what I was there for. Part of me didn't want to tell her because I didn't want to her to grab what I wanted, but I told her. She said, "Oh yeah. I am interested in those too."

When the time to open the doors finally arrived, we all made our dash to the gifts we wanted to get. I looked up and there was this lady with two of the cameras I had hoped to get coming toward me. She told me, "There were a lot of people grabbing these, so I took two to make sure you got one. I was so surprised. I told her thank you and went away with a happy heart.

The man two people in front of me had found out that the "more mature" woman next to him wanted to get a digital camcorder. He went inside the store and started running. He grabbed a camcorder for her and came back just to give it to her. Then he went and did his shopping.

I was so impressed at the way these two strangers wanted to help others. They really got out of the "me, me, me" concept and were looking for ways to enrich the lives of those around them. I have never gotten up early and stood in line on black Friday, but if it is like this and can renew my faith in humanity, I might have to go again.

Santa Claus

I already decided that if my kids ever asked me if Santa was real, I would tell them the truth. Tonight I had this conversation with Jared:

Jared: "Mommy. If I ask you something, will you tell me the honest truth?"
Me: "Yes."
Jared: "Is Santa Claus really real?"
Me: "No. He isn't. Your dad and I give you those presents because we love you so much and want you to be happy and know that you are loved. We shouldn't go around telling other people that Santa isn't real, not even Mia, because it is a tradition people like to have and they like to believe in Santa Claus."

Jared digested this for a while and said, "Why do people want to pretend there is a Santa Claus?"
Me: "People just like to believe that there is a person out there that only wants to make other people happy and do good for them."
Jared: "Oh. Like Jesus. Only Jesus is real."

He then turned over and went to sleep.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Button, button. Who's got the button?

Yesterday while Gordon was supposed to be sleeping, I was in taking a break, reading a book and Gordon came running downstairs to me. He told me, "The dot is in my nose and I can't get it out!" I asked him more questions about this "dot". Turns out he found a little button and for whatever reason a 3 year old does anything, he shoved it up his nose. I had him lay down on my bed and tried to shine my bedside lamp up his nose to see better. There it was, I could barely see it because he had poked it up his nose so far. It was in so deep that I was nervous to try and get it out with my tweezers...I could barely see it and to top things off, it was flesh colored.

I called my pediatrician. The conversation went a little like this:
Me: "I think I need to make an appointment."
Receptionist: "You think you need to?" (chuckles)
Me: " son stuck a button up his nose and I can't get it out."
Receptionist: "A button up his nose?" (Tells the others near her - "a button up his nose.")
Me: (Nervous laughter) "Heh, yeah. A button."
Receptionist: (still chuckling) "I'm sorry. We aren't laughing."
Me: "That's OK."
Receptionist: "The earliest we can get him in is 3:30. It is causing him any pain?"
(It was 2:00)
Me: "No. He is just a little concerned that there is a 'belly button' in his nose."
Receptionist: "I am concerned about that too. So is Mom."

We ended the call and I felt foolish about the whole situation. Then I couldn't remember what time the appointment was for. I had to call back.

Me: "Hi. I am the mom of the boy with a button up his nose...(Insert laughter) Is my appointment for 3:15 or 3:30."

She told me it was 3:30. After I got off the phone, Gordon started sneezing. I was so glad. Then I grabbed the tweezers and a tissue, plugged one nostril and asked him to blow as hard as he could. He started to and I saw the button come down to the opening of his nostril. Then he sniffed and pulled the button back up.

The next time, I had the tweezers in the opening of his nose, ready to grab the button before he could sniff it up again. He blew, I tweezed and I extracted the button. I was not sad when I called the doctor's office and told them, "I am the mom of the boy with the button in his nose. I was able to get it out, so I would like to cancel my appointment."

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family Pictures

We went to Murray Park yesterday and took some pictures. Seth's parents gave me an early Christmas Present of a tripod and so we experimented. I am pretty sure it was more fun for me than anyone else, but they all tried to cooperate. I got some cute ones of the kids.

This picture was taken in the front of the house, while I was experimenting with the tripod.

Mia was done, almost as soon as we began...she didn't want to get off of the bench to have more pictures taken.

After some shirt misunderstanding, we started taking the pictures too late in the day (Nearly 11). The sun was pretty bright, but I think I can fix this picture if I fiddle with it in PhotoShop.

In most of the pictures, it was either everyone but Gordon looking at the camera or Gordon looking at the camera and everyone else looking at Gordon.

When we finished with the pictures, we let the kids play at the playground. They really had a lot of fun. At one point, Mia sat in this cup like thing and was spinning in circles. I heard, "Help! I can't get out. I can't get out." The more she tried to get out, the faster the cup spun. I stopped her and she was able to get out, but she was very dizzy. She kept getting in it and spinning around.

We decided to go and eat when we finished with the park. On the way, Mia said that she thought she was going to throw up. She was so pale. We stopped at another park and she laid on the grass for a while. Before too long, she was feeling better and we played tag and I watched as some pink crept into her cheeks.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had a Pirate, Luigi, a Genie and a Skunk over at our house today. Mia was pretty excited because she got to go to school in the morning instead of the afternoon for the Halloween Parade.

Ellis was a hit with the adults. While we were waiting in the multi-purpose room at the school, I "caught" some random lady taking a picture of him. She was pretty embarrassed and tried to explain why she was taking pictures of him.

Gordon was a hit with most of the kids in the line. They would walk by and say, "It'sa Luigi!" Then Gordon would say, "He called me Luigi!" I was surprised at how many times this happened.

This is Jared's teacher. She handed out Dots candy to all of the little kids. Ellis wasn't sure that he wanted to eat it until he saw Gordon eat his.

The kids had a lot of fun at their Halloween parties and were hopped up on sugar before we even went trick-or-treating.

We carved pumpkins when Mia got home from Kindergarten.