Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Too Young to Pierce His Lip?

We went to playgroup today and it was a day of disasters. Heads were bonked, knees were skinned and Ellis fell down and pierced his lip with his tooth. Sometimes you have those days when you feel like you should have just stayed home.

Ellis is doing fine. He will have a little scar but it will just be little. He doesn't seem to even remember hitting his face on the metal structure. It did take him a little while before he felt brave enough to slide again, but he did and we will go back next week and it will be like nothing happened.

Oh, to be that resilient again...


TaLaisa said...

Aren't they amazingly resilient? Eli needs a kiss and he is ready to go again, no matter how bad the accident.

In fact it seems that he is more angry for being held against his will than he is in pain.

Linda said...

That is exactly how Ellis was...I was bothering him by holding him for too long.