Monday, September 8, 2008


Today was Mia's first dance class. She was so excited to go. School gets out at 2:55 and her dance began at 3:30, so we really had to hustle. I thought it would make things go faster for me to pick all of the kids up and then get her home and changed and off. Due to miscommunication on the kids part, it took more than 25 minutes to pick the kids up after school - turns out they were chasing each other around the school and didn't realize it. =)

We made it to the studio with a few minutes to spare and although I was feeling rushed, I was pleased with the fact that we made it on time. I get all of the kids out of the van so we can walk Mia to the class and find out what we needed to know and we walk in on an "already in progress dance lesson." They started at 3:00. I dropped Mia off and fretted for the next half hour, how in the world we were going to make that work. I could NEVER be on time unless I got Mia out of class early every Monday...

When class was over, I told the instructor what my problem was and she had me talk to the owner, who conveniently showed up just before we left, turns out she had written the wrong day and time on Mia's welcome letter and she really has dance on Tuesdays at 3:30. So we get to go through this all again tomorrow. I am sure by the Middle of October we will be able to get home from school and out the door a little faster.

Mia is excited that she gets to go to dance 2 days in a row. There is also a good chance that she will be dancing with her good friend Abby, who she can't seem to get enough of.

Tomorrow, I hope to have pictures.

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