Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today we started our "in-home" preschool. We are just going through the alphabet and today happened to be the letter "A". Nothing says "autumn" to me like applesauce so I had the 7 kids help me make applesauce. We talked about how the fruit would get soft as it cooked. We also talked about how leaving some of the pretty pink skin on the apples would turn the applesauce pink. Fortunately for me we had 7 ingredients to put in so everyone got to dump something into the pan. We all had a turn mashing it, which I think the kids liked best and then we tasted it. I thought it turned out nicely and almost everyone ate their bowl full.

We also painted some apple trees. Sometimes it is hard for me to just let go and let the kids be creative, but if I really lower my expectations (say to a 3 year old level) I am pleasantly surprised.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Date with Ellis

I took Ellis with me to the store yesterday. I decided we should stop in at Arctic Circle, get a drink and some courtesy cones, then be on our way. I am so glad that I did. He was just so sweet and tried to do everything I did. We talked about how yummy our drink was and how the ice cream tasted so good. I worry that he gets forgotten a lot in our family because he is generally so non demanding and easy going. He really seemed to thrive on this time with me. I reminded myself time and time again that it doesn't matter how long it takes him to eat his courtesy cone or that it was getting all over the place, he was having such a good time and the good thing about kids is that they are washable.

When we got to the grocery store, he was even sweeter. He wanted everything I put in the cart to go on his lap and before too long I couldn't even see where he was. He made a comment for everything I put in the cart and on the way out, he asked me for a hug and told me that he loves me. It was a really sweet night.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm a Winner!

Have you heard? I won some earrings from TaLaisa's give away. Head on over and see what she has. She is amazing.

Too Young to Pierce His Lip?

We went to playgroup today and it was a day of disasters. Heads were bonked, knees were skinned and Ellis fell down and pierced his lip with his tooth. Sometimes you have those days when you feel like you should have just stayed home.

Ellis is doing fine. He will have a little scar but it will just be little. He doesn't seem to even remember hitting his face on the metal structure. It did take him a little while before he felt brave enough to slide again, but he did and we will go back next week and it will be like nothing happened.

Oh, to be that resilient again...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Store

Seth just returned from Dallas, TX for a work trip. He asked Gordon if he wanted to go to the store with him before Playgroup this morning. I was encouraging Gordon to go and he turned and looked at me and said, "I HATE going to the store without you, Mommy."

I hugged him.


It is a good thing that Gordon doesn't know that when he looks at me like this, I will do ANYTHING he wants...

Just to get him to look like this again!

The Slump

This is Mia demonstrating "the slump". She uses her whole body to let us know when she is unhappy with any decision we have made. In this case, she was not looking forward being in a group photo at Seth's sister's wedding.

Dance Take II

Mia was excited to go back to her dance class. She had a nice time and said everyone was really nice. Then she did the "slump" and complained the whole way home because Abby is in the class after her instead of her class and she "just wants to be in Abby's class" and I "should have signed her up for dance last year so that she could be in the same class as Abby!"

I finally told her that she needed to be appreciative of the effort I am going to just to get her in dance at all and if she wants to stop going, she should just let me know because I was NOT going to put up with this attitude for the next 9 months.

Her reply? "What is an effort?"

Mental Note...

It is VERY difficult to run and read at the same time. Focusing is a real pain.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Today was Mia's first dance class. She was so excited to go. School gets out at 2:55 and her dance began at 3:30, so we really had to hustle. I thought it would make things go faster for me to pick all of the kids up and then get her home and changed and off. Due to miscommunication on the kids part, it took more than 25 minutes to pick the kids up after school - turns out they were chasing each other around the school and didn't realize it. =)

We made it to the studio with a few minutes to spare and although I was feeling rushed, I was pleased with the fact that we made it on time. I get all of the kids out of the van so we can walk Mia to the class and find out what we needed to know and we walk in on an "already in progress dance lesson." They started at 3:00. I dropped Mia off and fretted for the next half hour, how in the world we were going to make that work. I could NEVER be on time unless I got Mia out of class early every Monday...

When class was over, I told the instructor what my problem was and she had me talk to the owner, who conveniently showed up just before we left, turns out she had written the wrong day and time on Mia's welcome letter and she really has dance on Tuesdays at 3:30. So we get to go through this all again tomorrow. I am sure by the Middle of October we will be able to get home from school and out the door a little faster.

Mia is excited that she gets to go to dance 2 days in a row. There is also a good chance that she will be dancing with her good friend Abby, who she can't seem to get enough of.

Tomorrow, I hope to have pictures.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Bountiful Harvest

I am excited to say that my garden is producing produce! I only planted tomatoes and green and yellow peppers this year, but they are doing beautifully. Oh, I also planted some garlic that was beginning to sprout in my refrigerator. It is also growing...I just don't know when I am supposed to pick it...Do you know?
I managed to pick all of this in just one day. The white pepper is really just a yellow pepper. Somewhere I heard/read that all red and yellow peppers are, is green peppers matured differently. I planted separate plants to get the yellow and green peppers. They are not from the same bush. I also planted red peppers but our birds seem to really enjoy those and I have yet to pick one...maybe that is why they are so expensive?

Give away

Remember the gorgeous bracelet my friend gave away? Well, she is at it again. She is hosting another give away to celebrate 4 pieces of her jewelry being featured in Bead Trends. I recently bought a bracelet and I have worn it every day since she made it for me. You will NOT be disappointed. Go on over and tell her that I sent you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Play Date

Today Mia had her first play date with a girl in our neighborhood. Mia said that the first time she "ever saw Abby was on the first day of school." I know her mom fairly well. Both girls were just excited as can be to play together. Abby's mom told me, "Abby is so excited she has been doing cartwheels!"