Sunday, August 10, 2008


Just popping in quick to post some pictures from Seth's sister's wedding. There were SO many people getting married. In the ceremony, the sealer made a comment that "It would take more than '8s' to make this marriage last." The whole sealing was just so beautiful and sweet. It made me think more about my marriage and how fresh everything was when it was us in their places. It really put things into perspective.

Now, on to the pictures...

This picture is of my cute boys. Taken outside the Bountiful Temple while waiting for Amber to change.

Amber had her reception at Pioneer Hall, across from Gardner Village. The building was so perfect on the exterior for photos. This was my favorite spot. (Seth's sister told me that it is cute with Gordon's finger up his nose...I am not so sure...)

Finally, we have my cute kids. They are growing up SO fast! There is a cemetery behind Pioneer Hall which is where the men and kids spent the evening while the ladies took care of the reception.

I had to post this picture of Seth's sister Amber, just because she is so beautiful.


TaLaisa said...

I love going to sealing sessions, such a sweet reminder. I think my dress was so snug it cut off oxygen to my brain, I've heard lots of things (since) that I don't remember hearing when we were married.

That green color really suits your kids, it makes their eyes just jump out at you. Such gorgeous children!

Linda said...

Thanks, TaLaisa! I think they are pretty good looking too.

I think I was about to pass out when I got married...that is my reason for not remembering anything. =)

Just before they came to get us to go to the sealing room, Seth did say to me, "Are you OK? You just lost all of the color in your face."