Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Swimming lessons

I signed the kids up for swimming lessons. Monday was their first day and they did great! I love this picture of Gordon because it looks like he is having a conversation with his teacher, while I know that he didn't listen to him at all and even ran away to a different class. I finally decided to switch classes with him and he listened a lot better. I am glad that I did too. This teacher was really yelling at the 2 kids left in his class today.

Ellis LOVED being in the pool. We have taken his a couple times and he always begins clutching either Seth or me but this time he went right in with his teacher. It was so fun watching him. When I went to switch classes for Gordon, the lady that worked at the front desk told me that Ellis was too young to be in swimming lessons. The instructors said he was fine and there was no problem when I signed him up, but she decided that if I wanted to put him in, I had to put him in the "Parents and Tots" class. I told them I wanted a refund. He had a hard time watching the other kids swim today.

LOVE this picture of Mia freshly coming out of the water. She is so brave in the water. She really thinks she can just do anything she wants to. Usually she can.

Jared was pretty excited when he finished his lessons today. He ran up to me and told me that he can float without any help. He has really been practicing any time we are in water and I know that this means a lot to him.

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