Monday, August 18, 2008

Our new friend.

A year and a half ago, Ellis was hospitalized with RSV. He was such a sick little boy. (I didn't find out until recently that my brother-in-law, who is a Respiratory Therapist, didn't think he would survive it.) It was such a stressful time for our family. As a result of being so sick, he has what our pediatrician refers to as Infantile Asthma. We are owners of a nebulizer and Ellis has really hated it.
He hates it so much in fact, that when he is wheezy, Mia will say to me, "Maybe Ellis needs that thing that makes him scream!" I have always dreaded using it on him because he does scream for the full 5 minutes that it takes to "nebulize" him.
Fast forward to today, Gordon is sick and is crying because his "booger are coming" and Ellis can barely breathe. He is coughing a lot and just really wheezing. He was like this last night too, but I really put off having to use the nebulizer. I put it on him because it was just getting worse and he was struggling for air and he just sat through it. Feeling it and trying to figure it out, but he didn't fight it. After I finished, I let him hold it and poke his fingers in the holes and explained to him what it did and why we needed it. Did he understand? Who knows. The point is that we are now friends with the nebulizer and it helped A LOT. Hopefully he doesn't start to wheeze again tonight. I have 4-6 hours before I can use it again and I hope he is fast asleep not up and coughing all night.


TaLaisa said...

Oh, I'm so sorry they're sick. Asthma is so scary.

Has your doctor talked to you about putting him on Singulair?

Gabe started taking it when he was 3 and it really helped with incidental coughing fits. Like if he had soccer in the morning we made sure he took a singulair with dinner to avoid the all night coughing fits that interrupted his sleep just enough to make him grumpy.

Now he takes it as needed and the doctor prescribed a cough syrup to take when he is starting to get a cold or has had a cold and it keeps the cough from lingering for weeks on end.

Linda said...

We do have a Singulair - as needed perscription. It is pretty amazing--seems to just give him the little push that he needs to breathe better.