Thursday, August 28, 2008


I wanted to do something special for Mia before school started on Friday, so last night I took her out. She was so excited to go and I kept what we were doing a surprise. She started talking the minute the two of us were in the car and didn't stop until we got home and she was in bed. I am so glad that we went.

We started off the night by going out to eat. I cringed when they charged us $3.49 for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, but it was her special night and I let her chose what she wanted. After eating, we went to Build-A-Bear Workshop. I let Mia choose a bear and she was off. When we got to the stuffing machine, the guy working there, I think, intimidated her. He was so hyper and kept talking to her and she just stood and stared at him. When he let her choose a heart for the bear and he kept telling her to rub it on her body, she got into it. He told her to make a wish and she just looked at him and told him she didn't have any wishes. (Last time she wished for something, it was that the world was made of ice didn't come true.) He asked her if she had a secret and she said, "I have a secret but I don't want to tell you." I was trying not to laugh at her. She really loved "fluffing" the bear in the bath tub and picking out some clothes for it.

She kept talking about everything her bear could do. She was so funny when she asked me to take the tag off her Bear's ear. She said, "Can you take the tag off my Bear's ear? It is really bugging her and making her kind of annoyed."

We walked around the Gateway for a little while just window shopping and then we were heading back to our car. I noticed a Barnes and Noble and asked Mia if she would like to go inside. She said yes, so we went in for a little look. I read her some books and she sat so still leaning against my arm, I thought she was asleep. On the way back to the van, we noticed that there was an outdoor concert very close to where we were. I asked her if she was interested in going over to take a look, or if she was too tired. She told me, "I am too tired. Actually, I am NOT too tired. I just don't care about it."

We got home and she went to bed and we were both filled with fond memories of our "Girls Night Out."


TaLaisa said...

Awww. That sounds so sweet and fun. She is such a smart, funny, terrific kid!

Sometime we should do girls night out and bring Mia. I'd love that!

Linda said...

I think Mia would eat that up. We should plan it.