Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am the Nursery Leader in our ward. I have really been struggling with this calling because I did not feel like it was inspired. It felt like it was more of a convenience calling. I finally admitted this to my husband and he told me that he thought I should bring my concerns to the Bishop. I got home from a wedding reception tonight and there was a phone call telling me that the bishop wanted to meet with me.

I told Seth and he said exactly what had been running through my head since I heard the message, "I didn't tell him and you didn't tell him. Sounds to me like he was inspired."

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TaLaisa said...

Sounds hopeful, but what if they release you to be a scout leader?

I know you'll do great at whatever you're called for. I'm still cheering for your unsupported decision to take that screaming baby to his parents! You are definitely 10x's the woman I am! Because while I talk, you act.