Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

We had a productive Saturday. I made a birthday crown for Ellis (his birthday is July 21 - so I am ahead on this one!)

Mia wanted to help me make freezer jam and started asking me first thing this morning if we could make some so, we did.
We made some Strawberry.

And some Raspberry.

I think they look so pretty all standing together.

Jared asked me if he could taste the jam, so he had a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. Gordon thought they little glasses of sweetness, so he asked me if he could drink it. He was not very happy that I didn't let him.

Mia's new excuse for anything wrong with her is, "Maybe I ate too much butter."

Mia: "My tummy hurts." (starts to cry)

Me: "Why does your stomach hurt?"

Mia: "I don't know. Maybe I ate too much butter."

Me: "What did you have butter on today?"

Mia: "Nothing."

Me: "What did you have butter on yesterday?"

Mia: "Nothing."

Me: "Maybe there is something else wrong. Do you feel sick?"

Mia: "No, I just think I ate too much butter."


TaLaisa said...

Those freezer jams look so pretty! And yummy.

Mia is a hoot, believe me when I say eating too much butter does more than give a tummy ache. I have a cousin who used to eat butter with a spoon, straight from the tub. Her digestive system was well oiled. If ykwim

Linda said...

Point taken.